Stephen and Deborah Poole

Ancho Jam With Tortilla Wedges

What you will need:  6 flour tortillas
                                  2 tbsp. strawberry jam
                                  2 tbsp. Seasoned Sprinkle*
                                  1/2 Ancho Chili Seasoning*
                                   1/4 pkg cream cheese

Place tortilla pieces on cookie sheet, lightly brush with oil and sprinkle with Seasoned Sprinkle seasoning.  Brown seasoned pieces in hot oven.  Microwave strawberry jam in glass bowl until warm then add Ancho Chili Seasoning.  Mix well.  Pour mixture onto cream cheese.

Enjoy by dipping tortilla wedges in cream cheese mix.

*The Seasoned Sprinkle and Ancho Chili Seasoning are available from Seasonings...And More, LLC!  See Our Offerings page.

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