Stephen and Deborah Poole

A Spicy History

A Brief History …


Seasonings … And More, LLC is a locally owned formulator and supplier of blended seasonings, rubs, sprinkles and other dry blended products.  All products are made using natural ingredients with a sprinkling of locally sourced herbs and spices.

Stephen and Deborah Poole, owners of Seasonings … And More, bring a wealth of food and manufacturing experience to the business. Steve previously worked in the food and spice industries. He was the Quality Assurance Manager for a national spice company before becoming the microbiologist for a snack food manufacturer.  Deborah has a background in business and a passion for food.

Seasonings … And More, LLC began, as many businesses begin, with an idea. In 2006, after collecting and refining their thoughts, they started to blend herbs and spices. Some ideas worked and it was then that they realized they we wanted to share their creativity with the community.

Many ideas for their products have come from travels and dining experiences across several continents. From Europe, across North America to South Pacific Islands, they found that food is something to be enjoyed and experienced. This is why they try to bring a boldness to each of their products.

Seasonings and sprinkles are meant to enhance your dining experience. You are encouraged to be creative when using their blends and then to share your creativity with friends and family.


Thank you for purchasing their products!  Your comments and product suggestions are always welcomed. 
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